Whether you’re a youngster needing Confidence or an Adult wanting to get Lean and Strong – we offer a proven-successful curriculum, friendly professional instructors and a modern approach. 

We’ve been the Top Indianapolis Martial Arts School for many years, explore our site to learn more.

Martial Arts is an individual pursuit. The assembly-line approach used by others is ineffective, at it’s best. We control class sizes, offer multiple skill levels and begin with private lessons. In fact, our entire approach is designed to help students discover what works for them. 

Our Instructors are professionals who’ve made teaching their career. They value every student and are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. From improving their fitness and building their confidence to pursuing World Class Competition, our Instructors help students improve both as a Martial Artist and also as a person.

We know parents want the best for their children both in fun and learning.

Our Martial Arts Class is much more than just Punching and Kicking:  Kid’s love Martial Arts and while they’re having fun, we’re instilling Life Skills!

Our training builds focus and concentration and help kids develop the early habit of living a healthy lifestyle: staying physically active and making healthy choices.

We help kids learn proper social skills, self-control and improve their fitness and coordination.

In every class we emphasize a positive mental attitude and a Never-Give-Up Spirit – the foundation of perseverance.

We teach kids the importance of goal setting and how to deal with setbacks. This helps them learn patience, respect and practice self-discipline.

These qualities provide our students with new Confidence and a strong sense of pride which carries over into their everyday lives – ensuring they’re a success throughout life!

Modern Martial Arts: We teach the most effective Martial Arts. The same ones our Instructors and Champions use to win Title Belts.

But, Self-Defense is more than just fighting. We teach students to be street smart and aware so they can spot and avoid dangerous situations. If you need Self-defense, you’ll be glad you learned our Total Warrior system.

Modern Methodology: We’ve thrown out the boring and repetitive ways of the past and developed a Cognitive, Interactive approach based on modern learning theory. This makes learning easier and ensures exciting, fun classes.

You’ll LOVE our Positive, Non-Judgmental atmosphere. Our students enjoy making new friends, sharing common goals and helping one another improve.  They’re partners, not opponents. 

Our Goal is to help you reach yours. Our Instructors will encourage, motivate and Inspire you. We offer energy-filled classes, an exciting curriculum and our students have so much fun training, they aren’t conscious of how hard they’re working.

Interested in joining?….Leave your ego at the door.

We Start with Private Lessons before students join the Group 

1. A Private lesson lets a student get to know their instructors and Try Out Training before deciding to continue.

2. Private lessons help us learn about a student’s goals, needs and unique circumstances.

3. Private lessons let us control the pace. Going too fast only leaves a new student sore and unable to remember what they’ve learned.

4. Private Lessons let our instructors discover which teaching methods work best for each student. 

5. Private Lessons help prevent bad habits: we teach correct fundamentals and good technique before students go faster . 

6. With Private Lessons we can explain the terminology, drills and procedures used in the group classes. And, if a new student has previous experience, we can determine which level of classes they need.

7. In Private Lessons we teach the proper use of all the different equipment before student use them in classes.

8. Private Lessons improve safety. Students Learn good technique, proper placement and control before hitting equipment or working with a partner. 

9. Private Lessons eliminate anxiety. Students join the group up-to speed and prepared. They’re excited to participate and anxious to work with others.

10. A Private Lesson gives perspective. Once a student experiences our Professional Instruction,  Personal Attention and our TOTAL WARRIOR curriculum they’ll (at the very least) know what quality training is.  

The Best Facilities. Visit our custom built, large free-standing buildings with inspiring decor. They’re bright, airy and feature top-of-the-line mats, bags, rings and equipment.  Other schools can operate in small crowded rooms, there’s no way we could…we need room for all the happy students who stay year-after-year.

Meet our Professional Instructors, experience our Innovative methods and explore our One-of-a-Kind Curriculum. When you see all the different Martial Arts training you’ll receive and the high level of commitment and experience you’ll enjoy you’ll agree, we are a great value. And training with us cost far less than most skill-based lessons. If you have concerns ask and we’ll give you our No-Worry Guarantee in writing.

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