Whether you’re a youngster needing Confidence or an Adult wanting to get Lean and Strong – we offer a proven-successful curriculum, friendly professional instructors and modern scientific methodology which gets results. We’ve been the Top Indianapolis Martial Arts School for years, explore our site to learn more.

In sports everything’s the same. From how you swing the bat to how you shoot the ball and with sports there’s always a ‘Correctplay.  Martial Arts is different. Each encounter and every opponent represents a different challenge. A Martial Artist can’t be rigid and one dimensional. Our instructors help students become well-rounded, versatile and able to adapt.

In Martial Arts every student is unique. They develop different strengths and weaknesses, have different body types, learn at their own pace and will  apply their skills differently. 

Bruce Lee said,No WAY is THE way” meaning no single method works for everyone. This is why our Professional Instructors provide the Personal Attention students need to discover what works for them.

Our Instructors have decades of experience and are highly skilled and accomplished (most are Champions.) They have made teaching their career. They value every student and have one goal: to help students become their best. From improving their fitness and building their confidence to training for world-class competition, our Instructors help students improve both as a Martial Artist and also as a person. 

Other schools run over-crowded classes like a cookie-cutter assembly line. Everyone taught the same regardless of their age, fitness or abilities. Their instructors are often inexperienced part-timers with little leadership ability and zero teaching skills.

We separate adults from children and kids by age. Kid’s learn the same effective Martial Arts as adults but are restricted to ‘age appropriate’ techniques. This is THE ONLY WAY to teach either adults or children responsibly.

Our Martial Arts Class is much more than just Punching and Kicking. Kids Love Martial Arts and bring a wonderful energy and excitement which we channel into teaching life skills. Our students build focus and concentration and learn respect for themselves and others. These attributes provide them Confidence and a strong sense of pride.

Wemphasize Martial Arts is for Defense only and to try and resolve conflicts peacefully. With every class we strive to build a positive mental attitude and a never-give-up spirit and instill discipline that will carry over into their everyday lives.

We know parents want the best for their children both in fun and learning. That’s why we control class size to ensure every child receives the encouragement and attention they need.

Our program will not only help children develop an early habit of staying active and making healthy choices but also will help them with social skills, attention span, self-control and hand eye coordination.

The karate studios often combine all kids together, often alongside adults. Their classes resemble a ‘recess’ in karate uniforms. They have no structure, little (if any) discipline and it’s very questionable if the skills taught would be effective against a typical classroom bully. 

We have a long history of producing Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing Champions. We also teach Jiujitsu, Krav Maga and Karate for kids. In addition to the unarmed skills our students also learn weapons. This curriculum ensures our students become well-rounded and able to defend themselves in ALL situations.

Self-Defense is more than just fighting.  We teach students to be street smart and aware so they can spot and avoid dangerous situations. They also learn the differences between a sport and real self-defense along with the proper tactics to gain an advantage in either situation. 

This proven-successful curriculum has another great benefit, it keeps training fresh and exciting year-after-year. 

Other schools teach a simplistic and impractical curriculum which leaves students unprepared.  They don’t teach strategy, tactics or proper applications.  Their classes quickly lose appeal once the student sees the limitations and tires of the repetitive boring classes.

We’re changing how Martial Arts is taught. We’ve developed an interactive and cognitive teaching method based on scientific learning principles. Students love this approach, it makes learning fun and exciting…. and safer.

We use an easy step-by-step method to start beginners off and then a multi-level system to keep all students progressing. This method allows our students to shape up quickly, learn skills easier and build confidence on the mat and in life. 

Other schools still use the ineffective and repetitive methods of the past. They can’t keep the attention of today’s youth and Adults find this type of training impractical, mundane and boring. What’s worse is these old methods are often dangerous.

We are a COMMUNITY, not a competition. Our students love making new friends, sharing common goals and helping one another improve. They are partners, not opponents. Martial Arts is about teamwork. We only accept students who share this view.  We have a non-intimidating, friendly atmosphere and we’re here to help you – not humiliate you.

Our atmosphere is filled with positivity. Our schools are custom built, large, free-standing buildings with inspiring decor. They are bright, airy and cleaned regularly. They feature top of the line mats, bags, rings and equipment.

Other schools accept anyone – creating a ‘Lord of the Flies’ atmosphere. Their facilities are cramped, smelly and in need of cleaning. They don’t provide enough equipment or safe flooring with proper mats. And few offer quality rings, proper heavy bags and correct shields.

Visit our large, beautiful schools and discover our One-of-a-Kind Curriculum, Professional Instructors, Innovative teaching method and Positive Atmosphere.  You’ll agree our school is a great value. Our training plans are flexible and affordable. In fact, we cost less than most other skill-based lessons. And unlike others, we charge one price – with no surprises. 

Don’t be fooled by the Karate studio Mcdojos, Franchises and backroom dungeons. They make a lot of claims but don’t forget, when it sounds too good to be true, it’s not true.

In the end, you never regret choosing quality. Train with us and you’ll save moneysave time and be HAPPY with the results.

Other schools have hidden fees: charges for advancement/testing, mandatory seminars, more charges for other Arts (if they offer them), along with other fees. Worse of all, you’ll get low quality instruction simply because you didn’t know their was such a difference.

In addition to visiting our school for Private or Group lessons we offer in-home lessons, both in person and virtually using Zoom. These lessons are perfect for those whom have little time to spare or who have nights and weekends busy.

If you’re interested in learning the most powerful Martial Arts, from Professional and Experienced instructors without leaving the comfort of your home, our In-Home lessons are a great choice.  Learn More Here


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