Sarkine’s Total Warrior the leader in Martial Arts training


Indescribably Unique

Whether you’re a youngster needing Confidence or an Adult wanting to become Lean, Strong and Empowered, Sarkine’s Total Warrior is the best choice.

The Best Martial Arts School

We have the true pedigree and experience to ensure your success. We feature large custom built, beautiful and well equipped schools teaching the Best of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Karate, MMA, and more… All for one tuition. 

We train Adults and Kids separately and skill ranges from Beginners thru to Advanced.

Sarkine’s Total Warrior instructors are highly trained professionals who make teaching their career. They are good role models who are humble and bring positivity to the community.  

In addition to being accomplished Martial Artist (most our Multiple Champions) they have a passion for helping others…AND they value EVERY student.  

They train regularly with our Chief Instructor Ray Sarkine to improve their skills and learn the best ways to teach. They will skillfully demonstrate and patiently teach with both clarity and enthusiasm. And they’ll inspire and encourage you to become your best.

If you want an activity that will impact your entire life and make you strong both in Body and Mind, you need Sarkine’s Total Warrior.

Martial Arts for Kids


Focus in The Classroom - Confidence on the Playground

Our junior students build focus and Confidence. They learn Self-Control and how to set and achieve goals. Our training helps kids develop a sense of pride and accomplishment, become immune to peer pressure and reach their potential as leaders. 

Kids Love Martial Arts - Parents Love the Results!

Dan, Proud Father 

“Ray, A quick thanks to you and your staff for all that you have done for my son, Nick. His overall physical conditioning has greatly improved… I can’t say enough about how you and the staff have also helped him become more focused, more disciplined more responsible and more appreciative…Thank you for a wonderful experience”…Read More! 

Amber, Proud Mom​

“Savannah being here at the school has drastically changed her… she’s becoming a more confident and secure person. Training here has improved her balance and motor skills. She has learned so much…She is learning how to stick up for herself and not let kids bully her.” ….Read More! 

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Martial Arts for Adults


We offer Adults the BEST Martial Arts Training.... In a PROFESSIONAL, FRIENDLY atmosphere

Adult classes burn Fat, Build Muscle and Shred Inches. And while getting into fantastic shape our students relieve stress, meet like-minded friends and learn powerful self-defense.

The Hardest Workout You'll Ever Love!


“I can’t say enough good things about Sarkine’s Total Warrior. I started going to build confidence in myself and to push myself to do something that I’d never done before….plus I needed help in the coordination department. I can honestly say it is by far the best workout I have ever done.”….Read More!


“I joined the IMAC about a year and half and it has been the best decision ever. The staff are great, safety is always their number one concern…They also teach about discipline, respect, focus and commitment, these are the things that I apply on my daily routine. I want to thanks Ray and his staff”…Read More!

Leave Your Ego at the door

Although we teach highly effective fighting skills, we’re not about beating people up.  Our students are fun-loving, positive and team-orientated. 
They’re partners not opponents. 

Modern Martial Arts, Old School Values

We teach the most proven Martial Arts using a modern, scientific step-by-step approach.  Our proprietary Methods help students develop quickly and stay motivated year after year.

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