Whether you’re a youngster needing Confidence or an Adult wanting to get Lean and Strong – we offer a proven-successful curriculum, friendly professional instructors and a modern proprietary approach.  Explore our site to learn more.   

Martial Arts without a positive, empowering philosophy is only street-fighting.  Do you want to be surrounded by street-fighters:  People sure of their abilities but whom have no humility or respect? 

A Total Warrior is strong physically AND mentally.  In addition to being a skilled fighter they’re respectful and disciplined. A Total Warrior is Confident and peaceful….they have nothing to prove. They enjoy the loyalty and admiration of their friends, family and colleagues. 

A Total Warrior lives a richer, more successful life. This is the value of Martial Arts when taught correctly.

Ray Sarkine

We develop each student as an Individual. The assembly-line approach (commonly used) by others is NOT proper Martial Arts.  We ensure personal attention by offering multiple skill levels and starting with private lessons. In fact, our entire approach is designed to help students discover what works for them.

Our Instructors have made teaching their career. They’re Experienced, Professional and Committed. They value every student and are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. From improving their fitness and building their confidence to pursuing World Class Competition, our Instructors help students improve both as a Martial Artist and also as a person.

We know parents want the best for their children both in FUN and LEARNING.

Our Martial Arts Class is much more than just Punching and Kicking: The truth is…We’re instilling Life Skills!

Our training builds focus and concentration and help kids develop the early habit of living a healthy lifestyle: staying physically active and making healthy choices.  We also help kids learn proper social skills, build self-control and improve their fitness and coordination.

In every class we emphasize a positive mental attitude and a Never-Give-Up Spirit – which is the foundation of perseverance.  We stress the importance of goal setting and teach kids how to deal with setbacks. This helps them learn patience, respect and practice self-discipline.

These qualities provide our students with Confidence and pride which carries over into their everyday lives – ensuring they’re a success throughout life! 

We teach the world’s top Martial Arts. The same ones our Instructors and Champions use to win Title Belts. However,  Self-Defense is more than just fighting. We teach students to be street-smart and aware, so they’ll avoid dangerous situations.

We’ve developed an exciting, interactive and cognitive teaching style. This ensures fun, exciting classes and helps students learn much easier.

Atmosphere is everything.  You’ll be training regularly,  it’s vital to have an atmosphere conducive to camaraderie, teamwork, structure and control.  Students often say they have so much fun training, they’re not conscious of how hard they’re working.

We maintain an inspiring, non-judgmental atmosphere. We’re a community. Our students share common goals, encourage one another and work together as FRIENDS, not opponents. We aren’t desperate: we won’t accept just anyone. If we did, it would ruin the atmosphere and become unsafe.

No one likes to feel like a fish in a bowl with everyone watching….especially when you’re first starting.   That’s why we begin with private lessons.  

Try A Lesson  If you love training with us, continue. If not, simply walk away – there’s no pressure from us.  Once you experience our Professional Instruction and One-of-a-Kind curriculum you’ll be able to make a smart, informed decision.

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