Whether you’re a youngster needing Confidence or an Adult wanting to get Lean and Strong – we can help you achieve your goals. Explore our site to learn more.   

Our Certified Instructors have made teaching their career.  They’re Athletes, leaders and Excellent Martial Artist. They value every student and are dedicated to helping them reach their goals.

We have over 36 years of experience teaching Kids and Adults.  

We know parents want the BEST for their children both in FUN and LEARNING.

Our Kids Karate & Martial Arts training is much more than Punching and Kicking…. We’re instilling Life Skills!

Our training builds focus and concentration and help kids develop the early habit of living a healthy lifestyle: staying physically active and making healthy choices.  We also help kids learn proper social skills, build self-control and improve their fitness and coordination.

In every class we emphasize a positive mental attitude and a Never-Give-Up Spirit – which is the foundation of perseverance.  We stress the importance of goal setting and teach kids how to deal with setbacks. This helps them learn patience, respect and practice self-discipline.

These qualities provide our students with Confidence and pride which carries over into their everyday lives – ensuring they’re a success throughout life! 

We’ve developed a fun and exciting teaching method which helps Adults shape up quickly and helps kids build both confidence and focus.

We teach Authentic Martial Arts, not aerobics. But Self-Defense is more than just fighting. We teach students to be street-smart and aware so they can avoid dangerous situations.

Our students share common goals, encourage one another and form strong friendships. They love our inspiring and non-judgmental atmosphere. 

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