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Drew S
Drew S
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I was never a very active or motivated kid before I started training here (Sarkine's Total Warrior) I had always wanted to, but every other sport I tried never seemed to suit me, leading me to always quit sooner or later.

But martial arts isn't just a sport. At the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club I learned perseverance, dedication, and respect. I wasn't just taught to be a thug.

That's what I love the most: the fact that school has changed me; made me a better person. I feel more confident than ever,

it's all because the first day I walked into those doors and decided to finally commit to something worth committing to.
Claire H
Claire H
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First time I have ever tried anything like this and am so glad I did. The instructors help to motivate and keep me accountable for coming weekly.

I feel pushed outside of my comfort zone which is what I need to challenge my strength and endurance in my weekly workout. While becoming stronger physically I also have developed skills I can use throughout life.

I am learning basic techniques that will keep me safe or at least give me an upper hand if need be.

If you are needing a new exciting way to improve your health and become stronger I would recommend joining this club!
Jamie B
Jamie B
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As 2005 came to a close I found myself in a personal and professional rut. I was looking and needing something in my life not knowing exactly what it was. Being an individual in the health/fitness profession, a former division one athlete, and an adult that has struggled with weight issues her entire life, I have seen and done almost everything out there to get in shape and lose weight.

From the first lesson at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club, I had found what it was I was missing. I found a program that actually produces results and people who are truly committed to supporting me.

I would like to say that the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club has not only given me a program that has changed my life but they have given me MORE than that.

They have given me the perspective that I deserve to live a happy, healthy life and tools to do so. They have restored my belief that I am worth the time, money, or any other excuse I could come up with for not taking control of my health.

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We’ve helped countless students become strong Physically and Mentally

Come try a lesson.  You won’t be thrown into a fishbowl with everyone watching….it will be a private lesson. And we work at your pace.  If  you love it, become a student and let the adventure begin….if your still worried ask and we’ll give you our HONEST TRY GUARANTEE.

Can’t beat that!

1. Sign up

Schedule a lesson & discover how our School will Change your life.

2. Show Up

Learn some cool moves. We customize the lesson to fit. Adult or child.

3. Get Results

No Pressure, If you Love training, continue. If not, at least you tried.


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