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Jessica C
Jessica C
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I first contacted the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior) after receiving an email about their 8-week course which is an introduction to Kickboxing with the added benefits of weight loss. I was only going to be home for the summer from college and was looking for an intense challenge and workout. I have had some kickboxing experience from a course with a top level instructor in Missouri so I thought I knew the routine....HA!

BUT after my first class, I quickly realized my past experience was "kindergarten" compared to Indianapolis Martial Arts! Every class is challenging in a different way. I used muscles and mental technique and form I never knew I had. They kicked my butt...but I love a challenge so I kick back! It's soooooooooo worth the time, money, sweat, and intensive physical and mental challenge!

Not only do they instruct their students with proper kickboxing form, but also encourage proper diet and nutrition plus safety tips how to be prepared in day to day situations that gave me a different perspective and awareness of myself and surroundings.

I whole-heartedly recommend the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior) if you are serious about getting into shape....physically and mentally! Ohhhhh, and did I mention I have visibly lost several inches???....I should have kept track of the overall inch lost, but I have also lost 15 lb. during the 8-week course. Unfortunately, it's time for me to go back to college in Missouri ...but next summer....I'll be back!!! the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (Sarkine's Total Warrior)!
John B
John B
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I really wanted to get in shape and become involved in an exercise program that wouldn't burn me out or be boring. I stopped in at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior) and met an instructor who suggested I do a trial run. After that trial my whole life changed!

I knew at that moment, Kickboxing was what I wanted to do. At first I couldn't believe how hard of a workout I got. It felt great to feel every muscle in my body receive some exercise and work up a hard sweat. I couldn't wait for my next class! After about eight classes my body started to really tone up and I started to lose more and more weight. Now I weigh about 150 lb. (From 175lbs) and I feel Great!

Since learning martial arts, I have changed mentally as well. My thoughts and actions are completely different from what they used to be, and my wife can't believe how much I've changed -I have more patience and don't become quite as upset when things go wrong. I am more focused and my endurance level is higher -I am not as run down at the end of the day and I have more energy to spend on the things I enjoy.

The instructors at Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior) take the time to get to know you so they can help you in any way possible. They have become good friends, and I know you can't find friends like this anywhere, but I did at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (Sarkine's Total Warrior).
Tony H
Tony H
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My Name is Tony Head. I am 37 years old and have been kickboxing over 5 years. The last four of these years I've been studying, competing and training with the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior). These past four years have made a tremendous difference in my skill. I originally started at a gym that taught you some basic kicking, punching, and a few other techniques but they really never taught you any practical application or how things work together when you actually needed it to.

While I at the first gym I had my first competitive fight. It was an eye-opening experience! People told me I did well but I felt like I got crushed! A few months later I started at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior) and I learned a lot more than ever before right away. I learned defense skills and real applications for the first time. If I had learned just these two important concepts before my first bout, maybe the outcome would have been different!

Being at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior) has really helped educate me about the true art of Thai Kickboxing. I enjoy always learning more and feeling like I am bettering myself. The atmosphere at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior) is not like the other gym, it isn't about who is better, but, of learning and the drive to better ones self physically and mentally. I feel so strongly about the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior) that I know I am going to be a lifelong member.

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