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Hanna S
Hanna S
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Hardest workout ever, but oh so worth it. The Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior) has given me way more than I could ever imagine I would get out of a building I drive by on my way home.

I have gained confidence in my body and in my ability to protect myself. The instructors are really incredible and really push you to work as hard as you can. The other students are amazing and really make you want to keep going. There is no doubt that everyone is putting pedal to the metal during class. The only thing I question is why I didn't start sooner.
Greg H
Greg H
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About 9 years ago I stopped in the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior) to inquire about taking lessons due to an interest in martial arts, and a desire to find a different path to fitness. After leaving the school I felt an urging to pursue my interest, but unfortunately I found every excuse in the book to not make the commitment.

Now in my late forties I find myself having made one of the best commitments of my life! “Jumping into the pool” and choosing to put aside all excuses. ( As an older student, I find it refreshing to hear the coach speak to the younger students about life experiences and the applications of the skills just taught.) At the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior) I have found an environment, where I can challenge myself physically and mentally. Pushing the “I can’t do it” mentality out of my head and improving my mental and physical flexibility. Learning the the art and disciplines of “Martial Arts”, all under the guidance of a great staff. A courteous staff that will push you to better yourself, without forcing you into a situation where you could injure yourself!

Classes set the student up for success, by building the student from the ground up. Once the student masters the basic concepts they are invited to move to a more advanced level. All of which is based on the students desires and abilities. “”IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT THIS MISSION”, and make the commitment of your time and your effort , I think that you will have a fun and rewarding experience all while meeting great people! I can only imagine where I would’ve been had I chosen not to make excuses 9 years ago.
Marie W & Daughter
Marie W & Daughter
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After years of sitting at a computer every day, working in an environment that changes daily, and the stresses not only from work but everyday life something had to change. First my daughter and I purchased a gym membership along with paying for personal fitness sessions. We never found an instructor that had a genuine interest in helping us find our best. Instructors just provided a list of what exercises we’d do and watch with little to no input. After two years of private lessons and gym fees, we ended our gym membership.

My daughter wanted to try Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (now Sarkine's Total Warrior). To say the least I was intrigued but at over 40 I was concerned about my abilities. Four months into it now and it has been a great experience. The instructors are great and take a personal interest in your development of the skill and you as an individual. Even with the hundreds of students the instructors see each day, they still know you by name.

The workouts are intense and those pieces that jiggled a bit much will start to tone up quickly! It is wonderful to work out with so many great people who encourage each other to keep pushing, don’t judge you if your pace is a bit slower, and support you in your development. Each workout session is different and the instructors are always working with you on an individual level to enhance your skill. There are so many days I come home from work that I could just drop into the couch and be done with the day. But the staff, students and, great workout keep us coming back.

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