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We have over 100 5-star google reviews and hundreds more available... and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Sean L
Sean L
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I started taking classes at 50 years old. It has been a great decision! The workouts are some of the best work outs I have ever done. I am in better shape now than when I played athletics.

The instructors are great and really care about their students' well being. You are learning some great self defense and fighting skills along with an amazing workout. All the students at the school are great to work with as well. Everyone works to help each other get better. Highly recommended for people of all ages and fitness levels.

NOTE FROM RAY: Sean, You’re probably now in the top 1% for physical fitness of your age group. And probably the top 5% of ALL ages. Way to go! It’s a little tougher as you age. BUT being older has advantages: You’re more focused (you no longer take your health for granted) and you have more self-discipline. Older students also comprehend ideas and concepts easier. A proper ATTITUDE really helps with aging and Martial Arts keeps you strong inside and out. As you know we have a lot of Entrepreneurs and Professionals of all kinds. They don’t have much spare time. They’re thrilled to develop stamina and endurance, build strength and flexibility, learn practical skills and burn tension and stress….all in the same class. I am thankful for all the quality students in our school. When you train hard it’s important to also have fun. When you have friendly positive students training and teaching is a joy. Be Hard On Yourself and Kind to Others….this is the Martial Way

Christopher S
Christopher S
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I've been attending the dojo for about a year now. I needed a way to motivate myself and build confidence. After being told by countless doctors that if I don't change my health immediately I would face dire consequences, I needed something. Weightlifting? - boring. Running? -also boring. But practicing an ancient martial arts form used to decimate armies? -Not boring!

To this day I've lost about 34lbs, and I continue to lose weight. I've also noticed increased flexibility, stamina, and speed. The instructors teach techniques and skills that build power and focus. The instructors themselves have different personalities that compliment each other giving a well- rounded experience. For those of you who are thinking of joining but are still on the fence, come check it out!

NOTE FROM RAY: Thanks so much for the kind comments. You’ve come so far, it’s exciting to see what lies in your future. You were brave enough to try. Most people are too intimidated and limited by self-doubt. They look for something to be wrong, listen to the negativity of haters and end up procrastinating. You didn’t. Keep up the great work. Btw we now offer a policy that allows a student to give our training an honest try without commitment worry.

Kelsey U
Kelsey U
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It's more than just a work out. What you gain from Sarkine's Total Warrior is a sense of family and community. What has been created in this environment is not just an everyday "kickboxing workout" but a program which develops both your physical and mental strength alongside your character.

They provide you with the opportunity to gain the determination, dedication, and drive to not only become a martial artist but the best possible version of yourself. What I personally have gained through this experience, besides priceless friendships, is the opportunity to push myself beyond what I believed my limits were, to find strength I didn't know I had, and a healthy channel to deal with all that life can throw at you.

I have always been treated with respect here and have in turn been taught to respect the process and all it has to offer. I am happy to say I have found my place here among this amazing group of people and encourage anyone else to join who is looking for an opportunity to really challenge themselves.

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We’ve helped countless students become strong Physically and Mentally

Come try a lesson.  You won’t be thrown into a fishbowl with everyone watching….it will be a private lesson. And we work at your pace.  If  you love it, become a student and let the adventure begin….if your still worried ask and we’ll give you our HONEST TRY GUARANTEE.

Can’t beat that!

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