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Nate S
Nate S
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As a college professor who started in February 2019, I love the contrast that Sarkine's Total Warrior provides at the end of the day. All the stress and daily concerns are brushed to the further corners of my mind while I learn vital life skills in a safe and supportive environment.

The instructors are highly knowledge and personable. As a fellow teacher, I admire and applaud their dedication to work with all students regardless of experience and physical fitness. My classmates are amazing individuals as well. Never in my life have I met more friendly and encouraging people in any other context. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend further exploration of Sarkine's Total Warrior. You owe it to yourself to at least explore this institution and the many fighting styles they offer.

NOTE FROM RAY: Thanks Nate for the kind words. As you know we teach students from all walks of life. Neurologist partnering with construction managers and college students working with millionaire entrepreneurs. Nurses, Teachers and Police officers all side by side. It’s a very mixed group. As a Professor of Psychology you realize our culture doesn’t happen by accident. We are very careful to cultivate an atmosphere which helps students become their best. We encounter potential students whom if accepted, would later prove troublesome. They don’t like being turned away, but they view training differently than we do. They’re attitude doesn’t fit our approach. These types are better suited to other schools. Real Martial Arts is NOT about becoming a tough-guy. It’s NOT about being able to brag you ‘know some stuff’ and it’s NOT about being able to ‘take on’ others. You study Martial Arts for one simple reason: Because it makes you a better person. You are investing in yourself. We do our best to accept only the ‘right’ student and ensure everyone practices teamwork, control and respect. Over the years we’ve seen many students form close and lasting friendships and even had several students meet their future spouses at our school. Our school is a community, not a competition. In Martial Arts we ALL should be pulling together, trying to better ourselves. It doesn’t matter where you come from, how old you are or what you do for a living. What matters is a practicing Courage, Honor and Respect. Courage: to see yourself as you are, keep your ego and fears in check and try to change even when worried about failing. Honor: to treat others as you would wish to be treated. Be honest, forthright and to demonstrate to others the loyalty and positivity you would enjoy receiving. Respect: to take seriously your own and others commitment and effort without judgment. I am happy to have you as a student, excited with your progress and will honor my commitment to provide you the best instruction available anywhere.

Adil S
Adil S
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You'll not only gain skills pertaining to self defense and Muay Thai at this academy, but also gain some discipline, determination and self-esteem.

The instructors have many years of experience and the lessons are fantastic. I would recommend Sarkine's Total Warrior to anyone who's interested in learning practical martial arts or simply getting into shape.

NOTE FROM RAY: Thanks for the recommendation. You mention price in your review. If a potential student values high level professional instruction, personal attention, great facilities, big class schedules, a Multi-Art curriculum and a step-by-step modern approach then they are going to be thrilled with our tuition pricing. To teach correctly you need all those things. Keep up your good work and together we'll help you become your very best.

Ethan M
Ethan M
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Been going to this school for about a year and a half and can honestly say this school teaches values that you just won’t get anywhere else. I can say that I have become a better person by discovering, practicing, and being taught martial arts by these instructors.

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