Best Martial Arts Training in Indianapolis

It can feel overwhelming alone. Alone, there’s no one to hold you accountable, no one to motivate you and no goals to reach for.  You NEED A TEAM.

To be successful you need support and consistency.  To achieve consistency, you need to ENJOY what you’re doing.

We’re not a DOJO DUNGEON

You know the places: Dirty, Smelly and filled with Punks and Tough-guy types. We’re nothing like that.  We offer the Best Instruction, the Best facilities and a Friendly atmosphere. Don’t settle for less…you need all these to be successful. 

You’ll love our school. They’re free standing, custom built with inspiring decors and are airy and bright. They’re cleaned regularly and feature top of the line mats, bags and rings.

The Real Deal

In our School Camaraderie and positivity will surround you. WE HAVE the true pedigree and the experience you need to reach your goals. 


But, no school is perfect for Everyone. 

We put Quality Martial Arts Training first. We meet and learn about new students prior to their joining. This ensures a atmosphere filled with enthusiastic, happy students who share common goals. 


We offer the Best Martial Arts training in Indianapolis and students say…. it’s the finest Martial Education available anywhere.

Our one-of-a-kind curriculum is a proven success: Private Lessons, Multiple Levels of Instruction and all this professional instruction cost much less than most similar skill-based lessons.

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