The foundation to a successful life is being physically fit.

Our Indianapolis Martial Arts Training is...

the BEST WAY to get FIT

One of the highest forms of respect is to properly care for your body. This takes precedence over everything else, because without a healthy body little else can be achieved.

Before you can thrive among others you must be strong within yourself. A strong spirit and mind follows the development of a well-conditioned physical body.


Our Indianapolis Martial Arts Training will get you into excellent physical shape.

You’ll build Muscle, Shred inches and Burn Fat. Additionally you’ll become Confident and relieve Stress. And while shaping up you’ll learn Powerful Self-Defense and be able to defend yourself and loved ones.

Our Martial Arts Training builds courage and confidence and helps you be ready for all challenges in life.   

girl doing situp no bg self defense classes at sarkine's total warrior martial arts school fishers and carmel indiana

It seems the Entire World is now trying to emulate Fighters

They want to achieve that symmetrical and muscled physique fighters are famous for. Many personal fitness trainers and former Cross-trainers now come to us to achieve their fitness.

male abs mma gyms indianapolis at sarkine's total warrior fishers and carmel indiana

In our training you’ll work every muscle in your body from head to toe. Some students report burning over 1200 calories in a single session on their personal fitness trackers.  

In addition to burning fat you will build muscle and strengthen your core. Your flexibility and coordination will improve and you’ll achieve a flat belly.  

There has been many studies proving high intensity interval training is the fastest and most efficient method to shape up. We’ve always trained that way!

You don’t have to be a fighter, to train like one!

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