Martial Arts Is perfect for busy lives

watch face kids mma class at sarkine's total warrior martial arts at indianapolis and fishers

You would need a yoga class to gain flexibility, a spin class or long run for cardio and then you’ll need to hit the weights to build muscle… after all those individual sessions – you still wouldn’t get close to what we accomplish in only one class. 

 If you did have unlimited free time for ‘exercise’ would you enjoy it? Would you push yourself – The way we will? Would you be consistent? Could you stay motivated long-term? 

And what about the mental Benefits?

With our class you’ll gain those benefits immediately. Our Martial Arts class gets you mentally involved, allowing you to leave your problems behind. Contrast that with ‘normal’ exercise…. where you’re counting down every minute.

With our training you’ll relieve stress and tension right away. Our classes are exciting and interactive: You won’t realize how hard you’re working. Our students never ‘exercise’ – they’re excited to TRAIN.

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