Never waste money on the gym again

Get off the Hamster-Wheel

adult man at the gym best self defense classes at sarkine's total warrior martial arts fishers and carmel indiana

Look around any gym and you’ll notice everyone’s watching TV or on their phone. They’re like exercise zombies: bored, unmotivated and wishing they were somewhere else. 

If you are lucky enough to lose a few pounds at a gym, they never seem to stay off!

What does the gym provide? Judgmental looks, Egocentric attitudes and feeling ‘on display’  Studies prove (what you know), for most people gyms don’t work

What about Home Exercise?  In the Industry home exercise equipment is often referred to as “Clothes Hangers”  Because most people throw their clothes over the Equipment.  Between the constant interruptions and distractions at home it’s no surprise home equipment seldom sees use.

You have choices. But, what ‘exercise’ program can teach you life saving skills AND transform your life?

If you want an activity that will impact your entire life and make you strong in both body and mind, you need Sarkine’s Total Warrior. 

You’ll love our training and wonder why you waited so long to begin.

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