What we think of has Modern Western Boxing has actually existed for over a thousand years.

In ancient Rome Fist Fighting was a popular gladiatorial sport drawing huge crowds. The contestants fought non-stop, often to the death. Opponents faced each other in a circle drew out on the floor. This is where the ‘ring’ started.

In ancient Greece boxing was featured in the olympic games. Over time fighters began to wear ‘gloves’  This allowed the crowds to enjoy their favorite fighters more often, due to fewer intense injuries.

In cultures across the globe fist-fighting of some type has been practiced as a sport.

And it hasn’t always been accepted.

In fact, Boxing was illegal in both the United States and the United Kingdom during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It wasn’t until the adoption of the Marquess of Queensberry rules establishing safety guidelines, regulations and weight classes that the sport began the move toward legalization.


The Gentlemanly Art of Self-Defense

It’s hard to imagine today, but Boxing was once practiced for Self-Defense, physical fitness and to build Character.

Ivy league universities such as Yale and Harvard along with colleges in most states had boxing clubs and competitive teams.

Boxing was taught to young boys across the country and enjoyed a much different reputation than it has today.


A way to escape poverty

In the United States as our country became more industrialized and the standard of living improved fewer people looked to Boxing for self-defense purposes. But, as a spectator sport Boxing grew more and more.

Boxing has been a pathway for those on the lowest rung of the economic ladder to escape poverty. In the early days many fighters were Jewish, then Irish, then Italians and on and on.  

Across the United State and the now the entire world, fighters have ‘Fought’ their way to fame and fortune. Whomever had the heart, training and the motivation has found boxing a great opportunity to better their circumstances.


The Sweet Science

In it’s purest form ALL fighting is a Chess game. There has been many famous Champions over the years with different traits and abilities.

But it’s those who have been the most technical and intelligent who had the longest (and safest) careers.


Boxing Gyms

Our school is different than a typical gym: Our training is always supervised – you’re not trying to ‘figure it out’ on your own.  At our school there are no bullies cruising for victims, punks or wannabes.

We help every student become their best and don’t care if a student ever competes. 

 We teach Boxing in our Hybrid of Arts and have proudly coached numerous Golden Gloves Boxing and Silver Gloves Boxing Champions both Male and Female.


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