Common FAQs for our Martial Arts Training

Q. What do I need to know before I start classes?

A. No previous experience is necessary. It’s often better to start from a blank slate – no bad habits!

Q. What are the ages for children?

A. We teach separate programs for children: Lil’ Warriors 4-8 yrs and Juniors 9-13.

Q. How often should I attend?

A. We recommend a minimum of two classes per week, adults often train more.

Q. How do I begin?

A. Visit us, we would love to meet and have you try a lesson.  There is no ‘sales’ pressure.

Q. Will I be able to keep up?

A. Students start with basic training. They develop skills and build stamina, flexibility and strength before taking part in more challenging classes. Kid’s (depending upon age) may be more comfortable joining other children right away.

Q. What are the enrollment options?

A. They range from a single lesson to longer plans. New students can give training a try without worry.

Q.  Do you charge for different Martial Arts?

A.  No (unlike others) we include all programs in our tuition. We think every student should be well-rounded. Studying different Arts is important for Self-Defense and also keeps training mentally exciting and always fresh.

Q.  Do you charge for advancement?

A. Learning to Set and Achieving Goals is important both for Adults and kids. We don’t believe a school should charge for advancing.

We don’t charge for testing and have no financial incentive to promote.  Our student earn their advancements.

Q. How long are the class times?

A. Adults are an hour. Kids Classes are shorter.

Q. Do you offer Private Lessons?

A. Yes, contact the school to find out availability.

Q. Do I have to Compete?

A. No. Competition isn’t required or necessary.

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