Karate Classes

Our Chief Instructor Ray Sarkine started his Kyokushin Karate Training at the age of 5. He understands the importance of a structured and enjoyable program that gets true results.


Karate, literal translation is “Empty Hand”

While many people believe this means a hand technique or a ‘Chop’, the actual meaning refers to a hand not holding a weapon, therefore empty.

Millions of people of all ages across the world have studied the different styles of Karate: Japanese, Okinawan, Korean and Chinese version of Karate. There are also several blends of these styles.

They learn Karate to achieve the self-defense skills and to learn patience, self-discipline, persistence and self-control.

Karate training is well known for producing these admirable traits.


The typical Karate Classes

The slow paced and monotonous methods used in the past doesn’t seem able to keep the attention of today’s kids. They NEED training which is stimulating, fun and Exciting. And with the proliferation of Martial Arts in the Media, Kids want to learn a variety of skills – just like they see on television.


Karate Lessons

Our Karate lessons help a child learn to control his body, greatly improving their coordination. They will start to focus and ‘Learn’ how to learn. Once this happens they start becoming more successful in other pursuits as well as Martial Arts.

Oftentimes it’s the Kids whom are sweet natured and kind who are targeted by bullies more,  and our Martial Arts training will help them stand up for themselves.


Karate Classes Near Me

Our Kids learn a proprietary hybrid of Martial Arts, including Karate, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and Kickboxing.
Our training features an exciting interactive method and our classes (unlike others) are always supervised by qualified instructors.

Although we teach true and effective Martial Arts, our programs are not about violence, They’re about Respect and Control. 


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