Kickboxing Training

What often passes as Kickboxing is (in reality) only wannabe fluff.

Sometimes offered with a circuit of equipment, sometimes just in the air,  and sometimes with a  (most often, an inexperienced) instructor holding pads.

If you’re searching for Kickboxing training don’t fall for the copycats and franchise types.  They have a huge dropout rate. Their classes are simplistic, repetitive and potentially dangerous.

Their instruction is highly questionable. Participants don’t learn correct footwork, fundamentals or how to punch or kick without hurting themselves. Most don’t even learn to properly wrap their hands.

And forget about learning how techniques work in self-defense altogether.  

Kickboxing Fluff doesn’t teach self-defense

If you’re not learning proper technique, tactics and applications –  you’re not learning to defend yourself. And you’re missing out on a lot of quality  training which is FUN.

Sparring requires 6 very distinct elements to be enjoyable, safe and effective.  ‘Most places’ don’t know ONE of those elements, let alone practice all six as we do.

We have many students whom LOVE to spar and even have Grandma’s who ‘ Train like a Fighter’ every week!

Our training works because it’s REAL – Muay Thai Kickboxing

You won’t reach your goal unless you stick with training and you won’t maintain your new shape if you don’t continue to train. We keep you progressing and our Kickboxing classes KEEP your interest.

Once you understand what real training is you’ll realize the ‘others’ are imitators, selling the ‘sizzle’ with no ‘steak’. 

Great Instruction
We teach you proper techniques and the same skills our Champions use to win Title belts. And we know how to train safely. In our Kickboxing classes you’ll develop true skills in a step-by-step manner.

Training with us is Fun and Motivational and our instructors keep you progressing.

YOU don’t have to BE a Fighter to TRAIN like one!

The BEST Kickboxing Classes. 

The ‘Right’ Kickboxing school isn’t always in your neighborhood. If you finally achieve the fitness you wanted so badly and learn Life-Saving skills……isn’t that worth the drive?  Please check out our LOCATIONS

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