We teach the same Values you instill at home.

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It Can Seem Like Just A Blink Of An Eye and your kids are grown...

When you bring your Child to our Martial Arts classes you’ll provide them with a Fun and structured atmosphere where they’ll meet new friends, build relationships and develop the essential qualities they’ll need throughout their entire lives.

Kids Martial Arts Training emphasizing Character Development.

 At our Martial Arts Academy we help your child develop Self-Discipline, Confidence, Perseverance and a strong sense of Pride. 

Parents….Have you ever met a person with  a Never-Give-Up Spirit, a Strong Work Ethic and a Positive Attitude whom WAS’NT happy and successful?     

Most of us have many failures and setbacks in life. It’s our Spirit, Confidence and Mental Attitude which helps us persevere and eventually find success.  And isn’t that what we want for our kids….. Success and Happiness?

In our classes we stress a Positive Attitude and help kids build a Never-Give-up Spirit. We teach kids to hustle: to work with energy and determination. This helps them learn to fully apply themselves….. and fully applying yourself always leads to achievement.

We teach kids to set and pursue goals. When they accomplish these goals they enjoy the feeling of success and begin to develop pride in themselves and naturally want to continue being an achiever.

We teach effective Martial Arts. But unlike other schools we will only teach ‘age appropriate’ material, ensuring dangerous techniques are not misused.

The Best Karate Classes 

Our Chief Instructor Ray Sarkine came from a Martial Arts Family.  He started his Kyokushin Karate Training at the age of 5. He understands the importance of a structured and enjoyable program.

Check out our school, you’ll be glad you did.

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