How do I teach my Child Discipline?

Our Martial Arts Class instills discipline

kids and karate training karate school for kids at sarkine's total warrior fishers and indianapolis

Martial Arts teaches

At Sarkine’s Total Warrior we strive for lasting change – we want to instill Self-Discipline as a daily habit!

Our Kids learn discipline is not punishment but rather is self-control and thoughtful self-guidance. 


Self-Discipline, for those who develop it, becomes an unseen force allowing them to apply themselves with an ease others can’t find. A youngster with self-discipline develops better study habits, work ethic and emotional control. 

With self-discipline kids naturally begin to give a new effort and their grades, behavior and attitude start to improve.

Honestly, how does anyone (regardless of age) expect to be successful without Self-Discipline?

Over a lifetime, the Discipline that Sarkine’s Total Warrior instills gives students an incredible advantage in our ever increasingly competitive world. 

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