How do I teach my Child Respect?

Martial Arts Teaches Respect

Respect and Martial Arts go together…hand in glove!

At a time when Kids see Fighting on TV everyday – it’s important they learn Martial Arts is about respect, not violence.

kids and respect image beginners karate class at sarkine's total warrior martial arts located in fishers and indianapolis

Respectful kids are a pleasure. 

Respectful kids receive more praise and attention. Their families enjoy spending time with them, their teachers are happy to help them and and they live fuller more engaged lives. 

During training students show ‘Respect’ to each other and our Instructors. An important part of Respect is Appreciation.  

Kids who learn respect naturally begin to demonstrate appreciation.

Our students are taught to respect others by treating them the way they would like to be treated and to respect themselvesby making healthy choices. 

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