Martial Arts is a Great Way for Kids to minimize Bullying

A Major Problem…Studies in different countries for over twenty years confirm what most parents know, bullying in schools is common. In fact, it’s estimated that between a third to half of students are involved in bullying, in one way or another. 

Bullying in childhood has been linked to problems later in life. Many adults remember those feelings of fear and intimidation they suffered when they were bullied as kids.

On the Playground, in the Classroom and at home too.  

Studies show bullying takes different forms: Physical attacks, verbal abuse, intimidation, threats and exclusion from social groups are just some. As if these weren’t bad enough, today kids can also be bullied in their own home, thru the internet.

Studies show girls more often suffer verbal abuse, social exclusions and internet abuse and boys are more likely to be involved with direct physical attacks. Unfortunately, all forms of bullying are occurring to both boys and girls.

No end in sight.  

Schools have tried program after program. Media attention is at an all-time high. The government has instituted laws, procedures and recommendations but bullying does not seem to be slowing down.

In fact, many believe the problem is worse than ever and growing. A single bully will often victimize many throughout their school years.

Why Kids Bully?

A child who is a bully does it for the power. The bully has a significant power advantage. Research shows that children who bully may be learning to use power and aggression as their way to deal with others.

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How Kids become bullies.

One thinks of the bully as the biggest and meanest kid but that is not necessarily true. Bullies come in all sizes and genders. They can be the most popular kid, the jock, or the straight A student. But what is clear is bullying is an intentional act, the bully actively looks for a victim.

Kids often become bullies because they feel powerless, unloved and neglected in their lives. They often have low self-esteem and usually lack the ability to empathize. Most have problems at home and/or are often bullied themselves by family members. Some bullies have too much control over their parents, are spoiled and feel entitled.

Regardless of the reason, their behavior is unacceptable. All the efforts to stop bullying have seemingly failed. As long as there are weaker children to prey upon, bullying will continue.

Confident Kids Aren’t Targets​

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Bullies are excellent at profiling, they know how to spot a kid who is fearful or easily intimidated. Bullies are predators and like all predators they prey on those who are weaker and vulnerable.

With our Martial Arts Classes a child will develop Confidence and Skills. When a child feels powerful inside and is self-assured they will project that strength and stop bullying before it become physical.

If a conflict is unavoidable they have the confidence and skills to stand up for themselves and the bully quickly learns to avoid them in the future.

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