How do I teach my child to stick with things?

Martial Arts builds Work-Ethic, Tenacity & Goal Setting

Kids love Martial Arts - Parents love the RESULTS!


Sarkine’s Total Warrior believes in Body and Mind development. 

Martial Arts is an individual pursuit.  Success is not tied to winning or losing or being on the ‘right’ team.  We prepare youngsters for life’s challenges.  Our program helps them become self-assured and confident.

Additionally they learn self-control, discipline, patience and develop a new fitness and athleticism.

  Our students learn success comes from persistence and tenacity – just like life!

kids karate at sarkines total warrior karate teaches martial arts at fishers and indianapolis

An Achiever is hard to stop

Sarkine’s Total Warrior Kids Martial Arts Classes will help a child learn to set and achieve goals. This helps them start to believe in themselves and is the beginning of them becoming a life-long achiever.

We help kids learn failure is normal and to be expected – It’s how we handle it that counts. 

We help kids build drive and work ethic and teach them how a positive Mental Attitude can open the world’s possibilities.

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