Kid's Self-Defense Training

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes teach effective Self-defense.

Kids Love Martial Arts: they’re eager to learn and anxious to apply themselves……a Great Way to Start. 

We teach a highly effective hybrid of Martial Arts including Muay Thai Kickboxing, Karate and Jiu Jitsu. We use a highly interactive and dynamic teaching method and are careful to instruct only age appropriate techniques.

Our students are taught Martial Arts is for DEFENSE only. We teach kids to spot and avoid a potentially dangerous situations and how to deescalate a confrontation whenever possible.

Our junior students LOVE training. They enjoy the encouragement and support of their instructors and will train with some kids who are more advanced and with others who are not as skilled – In this way they stay motivated, develop empathy and learn teamwork.

Our Training helps young students become strong inside and out.

The Best Martial Arts Classes

We can have a dramatic positive impact on your child’s life. We strive to make every student Strong and Proud.  Coming to us may require a little bit of a drive but it’s worth it. After all your child’s future is at stake.

Join us and you’ll understand why so many students stay year-after-year.

You’ll wonder why you waited so long to begin!

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