Muay Thai started when wars were fought with bows and arrows, swords, and pikes. And in hand-to-hand combat arms, legs, knees, and elbows were also used as weapons.

The development of Muay Thai saw the transformation of the human body into a multifaceted weapon: The shin became the staff of the pike, used to block and strike. The arms became the raised twin swords of defense. The fist functioned as the jabbing tip of the spear. The elbow developed into the battle-axe, used to smash and to crush. The knee too was used to axe its way through enemy’s defenses. The flashing foot became the pike, arrow, and knife.

As each part of the body became a weapon unto itself, a new close-combat fighting skill was born. Often called the art of eight weapons, Practitioners of Muay Thai learn Punching, Kicking, Elbowing, Kneeing, and upright grappling!

Since its initial development, Muay Thai has changed in many ways. Today’s “sport Muay Thai” varies from the original art and now uses gloves and a ring similar to those found in boxing.

It is now a modern sport, rather than a battlefield skill. But in its heart are carried old traditions and an ancient fighting spirit.

Traditional Muay Thai has a long history in Thailand as a martial art used by the military and is the national sport of Thailand. It is widely considered to be the most realistic and practical self-defense Art.

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In Thailand it is common for Kids and young adults to support their entire family by fighting. They start at a early age and most don’t have the option for higher education or better paying careers. They’re highly motivated to fight, it’s their best chance of escaping poverty.

Many Thai fighters have big records of, for example 115 wins and 40 losses.  Most of these losses occur in the beginning of their career. In that culture it’s expected, fighters learn from losing. 

By the time a fighter becomes a Champion most perform techniques and employ strategies quite differently than how they were taught. 

This is the nature of all higher skills: Subtle differences, improved mechanics, better positioning and a deeper strategic understanding greatly improves performance.

Muay Thai Training

In our school we teach both the Sport and the Ancient techniques.

However, we have modernized the approach. 

We utilize a proprietary scientific method to develop students quickly. We train students with the physical and mental skills champions use right from the beginning.

Americans are quick learning and athletic but don’t want to get ‘beat up’ just to learn. They don’t have unlimited time to dedicate and aren’t fighting for their income or basic needs.

Many aren’t interested in competition and those who are want to win quickly.  Americans start at varying ages, have different body shapes and a much different mentality: they need to understand the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of fighting. 

 Our modernized proprietary method allows us to teach this Ancient combat Martial Art to people of all ages without compromise.

We’ve trained more Champions than all others in the region, combined.

In fact, we are the ONLY school in the state that has produced multiple Major Tournament Champions, both Male and Female, for Decades.

We accomplish this with a step-by-step approach and experienced coaching – Not Ring Wars and Concussions.

Most students train for the awesome fitness results, practical self-defense skills, regular stress-relief and the improvements in Self-Confidence and Pride. They love the camaraderie of working with teammates and meeting new friends.

Only some compete, but ALL our trained to become their best.

Proud Founding Member of the

Our Chief Instructor Ray Sarkine was one of the first, if not THE first to bring Muay Thai to Indiana. He taught the first ever accredited Muay Thai college course and is the founder of the World Muay Thai league.

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The Best Muay Thai Training

We have 2 Schools located in the central Indiana.  Our West school is located at 8647 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46121. This school serves residents of Indy, Avon and Plainfield.  

Our North Location is 10990 Allisonville rd. Fishers, IN 46038. This school serves residents of North Indy (Castleton), Carmel and Fishers.

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