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Martial Arts

Ray Sarkine​

Our founder and Chief instructor Ray Sarkine began his training at 5 years old. He has dedicated his life to Martial Arts.

As a youngster Ray was fascinated with Bruce Lee and learning Kung Fu. Ray’s Father encouraged his son’s interest and when Kung Fu wasn’t an option he enrolled his son in Karate.

Martial Arts was a family affair.
In addition to his father’s experience and support, Ray’s uncle was also a Black Belt.
Ray earned his Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate, a system famous for hard-core training and bare knuckle full-contact fighting. But this was just the beginning.

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Under his Father’s guidance Ray also learned Boxing and Judo. Ray later discovered Muay Thai while still a teenager. With his background in Boxing and bare shin striking (from Kyokushin) Muay Thai proved the perfect fit.


Martial Art Training
The perpetual student

Ray has training in Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, Greco-Roman Wrestling and Kobudo (weapons). Ray competed in Bare Knuckle fighting, American Kickboxing, International Rules Kickboxing and Muay Thai and retired undefeated.


Mr. Sarkine has formed his own unique methods and evolved and Modernized the learning experience.

His competitors have been highly successful: having won some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world such as the IKF, WKA, and the TBA. He has trained numerous Muay Thai Kickboxing Champions, both Male and Female and has also trained multiple Golden Gloves Boxing Champions and Silver Gloves Champions.


A true Pedigree

In the mid 80’s, when most Americans had not heard of Thai Boxing, (some believed Muay Thai was a food dish) Mr. Sarkine was one of the very first (if not THE first) to bring Muay Thai to Indianapolis.

Mr. Sarkine taught the first accredited college course in Muay Thai at a top 10 university. He serves as the Chief Instructor of our Schools, which are considered by many to be the oldest, largest and most successful in the United States and have been featured on numerous TV programs, newspaper articles and magazine features.

photo of ray sarkine martial arts instruction fishers muay thai carmel muay thai and indianapolis martial arts

Real World Experience

Mr. Sarkine has worked in Law Enforcement, Executive Protection and Security Training. He has trained members of our Nation’s elite Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies. Teaching Martial Arts is his passion and his primary occupation since opening decades ago.

He is the executive director of the World Muay Thai League and the President of Sarkine Global, a company specializing in Personal Protection Training and Services for Celebrities, Executives, Corporations and Law enforcement agencies.

In a world where self-appointed experts are rampant, Mr. Sarkine is a Teacher who brings an unsurpassed depth of knowledge, experience, and commitment. Ray Sarkine created our proprietary style and continues to learn, train and evolve.

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There is no substitute for EXPERIENCE!

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