Self Defense


Hopefully, you’ll never need Self-Defense. But if you do, choosing us will be the smartest thing you ever did. With our history of champions and decades of experience you can be confident you’re receiving quality instruction.

Our training is Authentic. 

We teach you proper techniques, strategies and tactics. The same skills our Champions use to win Title belts. 

Self Defense Classes

female image for self defense for a woman martial arts at sarkine's total warrior fishers and indianapolis

More than just Kicking and Punching

Our Instructors Teach students to avoid dangerous situations and to be aware and Street Smart.

They learn how to achieve the proper Mindset for Defense and how to deescalate a situation before it turns violent. 

However, when a confrontation can’t be avoided its important the skills learned are truly effective.  We’ll teach you the most proven Martial Arts and help you discover what works for you.

Real Self Defense is rarely a competition on equal terms. It is by nature, reactive. You may face multiple opponents, larger attackers and have to defend against weapons or have to protect others while also defending yourself.


Imagine if someone dedicated their entire life to studying different Martial Arts and to discovering what really works. What if that person tested and retested these Arts in Competition, on the Mat and in the Real World?

We have that person…Our Chief Instructor, Ray Sarkine has a lifetime of experience and has created our one-of-a-kind TOTAL style.

The Best Self-Defense Classes in Indianapolis & Fishers.

Our program is highly evolved. We have eliminated the unnecessary elements and ensured the vital skills integrate together seamlessly. Furthermore we have refined the order in which they should be taught, making for an easy to learn process.  

You can be sure our training style is effective. It’s the same skills my competitors use to win Championship titles and has been the choice of law enforcement officers, security professionals, civilians, and elite military personnel who may pick any school they wish.

They choose Sarkine’s Total Warrior because it is…. The Total Solution.

The Best Self Defense Classes 

Our training is more than just learning to fight, it’s fun and exciting and our students are Partners, not opponents. We have locations serving Indianapolis including Avon and Plainfield. Our North Location serves Fishers, Carmel, Geist and residents of Indianapolis north side. Indy, Carmel and Fishers

Please visit LOCATIONS page to learn more. If you want more information about our training for ADULTS click here.  If you want information for KIDS click here.

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